Federico, well known for his trendsetting abilities, was drawn to Paris, where he established himself as a hair designer and refined his craft. Fascinated with the method of dry cutting, he studied the technique and eventually became part of The Sahag Workshop in New York.

Launching styles that soon found their way onto runways, Federico’s fashion show repertoire includes celebrated designers Cynthia Rowley, Randolph Duke, and Issey Miyake.

Today, Federico continues to create high fashion cuts that are beautifully designed and tailored to the individual.  He has a devoted following.


You want professionalism and expertise from whoever is cutting your hair.

But you also want more. You want vision, style, and creativity. You want someone who sees what you do not.

Federico projects a light-hearted and easy-going manner when you meet him, but when he works, this impression changes.

He has perfected the hair cutting technique that jump-started his career in Paris–the dry cut. To quote him “The texture of hair is a material that can be cut in various angles and molded into a specific shape. There is no better way to see and understand the way hair naturally grows and falls than by cutting it dry. Using this method, I extend my vision throughout the entire process, section by section.”

Federico examines the texture of your hair, studies how it frames your face and how it falls. He pauses to think, to observe your persona. Then his face takes on a look of intense concentration. He begins – and it is spell binding.

He wields his scissors with such precision and skill, it is clear you are in the hands of a master craftsman.